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Side Sleeper U-Shaped Pillow
Side Sleeper U-Shaped Pillow
Side Sleeper U-Shaped Pillow

Side Sleeper U-Shaped Pillow

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 Welcome to potentially changing your sleep problems forever!

Sleep apnea, snoring, fatigue, neck and back pain, bed soreness all of these may be symptoms of poor sleep posture.  Luckily, now there's a way to train your body to sleep in the ideal position for a rejuvenating full night's rest.  

A good night's sleep just got easier with the Side Sleeper Pro pillow. Developed by doctor to alleviate neck stiffness, relieve external ear folding, and provide extra comfort and support. It helps promote proper alignment of your head, neck and spine, correcting your posture while you sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed & discover the difference with a good night's sleep.


The Side Sleeper Pro Pillow is uniquely shaped to support the head, neck, back and jaw in the proper alignment. In fact, the Side Sleeper Pro Pillow is the only pillow that has a built in "Ear Well" to relieve external ear folding and help you get a more restful night's sleep.  Give your muscles and bones a chance to relax the way they need to with the Side Sleeper Pro Pillow.


Patented Design naturally aligns your neck and back
Improves your sleep posture to help you get a great night sleep
Guides the head, neck & back into natural alignment to relieve pressure
Specially designed ear-well for added comfort
Relieves pressure on the neck, wake up with less stiffness
Side sleeping prevents your air passageway from getting blocked reduces snoring
Filled with hypoallergenic fibres for total comfort
Chiropractor developed
Ideal  for Airplane Travel, Road Trips, Pregnant Woman
FREE  removable pillow case with zipper closure for easy washing
Brand new in economical plastic bag package without original box
Side Sleeper U-Shaped Pillow